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a growl translucent [m.s]
keeps it real.

anchors for architects [www] [m.s]
give you a reason.

art Damaged [m.s]
attack your sense of hearing.

Broken Kilometer [m.s]
creates magic with feedback.

capital animal [www] [m.s]
make love without protection.

Central Second Collective [m.s]
take pride in their incestous union.

CH Desafinado [m.s]
eats a lot of grass.

Death To Anders [www] [m.s]
quench your sonic thirst.

Dog [www] [m.s]
does what dog does best.

Family Tree Analog [www] [m.s]
keeps you educated.

Frank Moore and his cherotic all-stars [www]
do it how its intended to be.

Guppies [m.s]
explode in small sub-atomic particles.

The Happy Hollows [www] [m.s]
keep a tight grip on your spirits.

The Health Club [www] [m.s]
drink lots of water.

The Henry Clay People [www] [m.s]
drop it like its hot.

Indie Culture Records [www]
do it all over the place.

Lo-fi Sugar [m.s]
plays amongst the wolves.

Micaela Bastidas [m.s]
keep it all boombastic.

Ole [www] [m.s]
crossed the borders of the mind.

The Narodniks [m.s]
take no prisoners.

One Trick Pony [www] [m.s]
takes you deep into your soul.

The Skyflakes [www] [m.s]
harbor a lot of bad thoughts.

Shiela and the Insects [m.s]
has been doing it long time.

Smooth Friction [m.s]
does it hard, fast and orgasmic.

The Transmissions [www] [m.s]
do it over wires.

United States of Imperfection [m.s]
dares you to do it.

Vivian808 [www] [m.s]
lets the speakers push the air.

Wake Up Incinerate [www] [m.s]
parties it up like its 1999.