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Powered By People [download mp3]
04OM-011 : January

1. Everchanging0:51 mins
2.Public Announcements4:20 mins
3.Dirty Thoughts 5:10 mins
4.Walking Naked On The Moon4:18 mins
5.A Salute To All The Nonbeliever3:39 mins
6.I Wanna Be Like Everyone3:57 mins
7.That Panic Sound1:20 mins
8.I Am A Magician2:04 mins
9.Pearl Of The Orient Seas8:55 mins
10.Oh Please Turn It Down2:37 mins
11.Life And Death3:22 mins
12.Just Like You Said It Would Be9:16 mins
13. rectum,prostate,uterus,penis5:35 mins
14. A Much Clearer Vision3:05 mins

1. Who Are We Really Trying To Please6:14 mins
2.The Deal In Keeping It Real (Fake Take2)2:47 mins
3.This Never Happened Before9:40 mins
4.You Killed Yer Own Dream3:38 mins
5.Principles Of Accounting3:41 mins
6.Due To Health Reasons5:12 mins
7.I Fly With The Birds3:48 mins
8.Mind Yer Dub10:51 mins
9.Here Come The Tricksters3:23 mins
10.All The Happiness7:59 mins
11._______________3:57 mins

1. Television Worship6:42 mins
2.Keep Shining On4:30 mins
3.The First Power1:03 mins
4.Record Earings2:27 mins
5.Meaning0:55 mins
6.Its All Been Done Before3:16 mins
7.Ikaw2:47 mins
8.The Second Power4:49 mins
9.Five Steps 3:43 mins
10.More Powerrrrr2:25 mins
11.Exploding Bombs2:57 mins
12.Matud Pa Nila 6:25 mins
13. Dirty Thoughts (ver 2.1)3:30 mins
14. The Torch2:23 mins
15.At The Expense Of Someone Else4:11 mins
16.Overdose (The Secret Power)3:40 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Ryan Mata
Joah Solberg on cd1-13, cd2-07, cd2-08, cd3-12, cd3-13
Rhea Tepp on cd1-01, cd1-02, cd1-03, cd1-08, cd1-14, cd2-01, cd2-11, cd3-12, cd3-16
Brain Jordan on cd2-01, cd3-04
Gabriel Montez on cd1-10, cd2-07, cd3-06
Eric Kempke on cd1-14
Mac on cd2-02, cd2-06
Sample on cd1-11 from the dialogues of J. Krishnamurti
Sample on cd1-10 by Anita

Most of the album was recorded from april to december 2007 at various bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, studios, and lockouts around LA county.




The Last Of The Famous Imperfectional Pranksters [download mp3]
04OM-010 : January

1. Too Many Bands4:05 mins
2.I Am Half-Psychic5:09 mins
3.Hippocrates4:40 mins
4.The Space Within4:47 mins
5.Ride A Bike 0802063:59 mins
6.Dont Dance2:43 mins
7.Everybody's Story7:45 mins
8.The Fear Of Imperfection3:31 mins
9.Word Spitting Robot8:52 mins
10.Exploded Sense Of Importance 7:04 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Vivian Chow, Louie Mendoza

A wide variation of musical explorations intended to break away from the misunderstood notion that DRD is a static observation of the musical possiblities that are inherent in music and artistic creation. The songs here reflect a certain kind of consciousness that is not really new but done in a really personal way.




The Boang Process [download mp3]
04OM-009 : September 2006

1. No More Revolutions1:11 mins
2.Ramini, The Bronze Child4:35 mins
3.Freak Out2:39 mins
4.Explaining Music To A Dead Nail 3:32 mins
5.Storytelling In Silence3:37 mins
6.Bakunawa Swallows The Moon2:15 mins
7.Freedom As An American Abstraction5:32 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Brian Jordan, Tyler Smith

A backtrack collection of rare songs from the "Pasagdi Silang Matigulang" period. A lot of the songs here date back to the earlier more experimental stages of DRD. A lot of the songs did not go into "Pasagdi..." or "Orenrock..." because they did not really feel like they were meant to be part either of those albums.


Waiting For Genuis EP [download mp3]
04OM-008 : August 2006

1. Living In The City 4:26 mins
2.Cult Of The Underground5:45 mins
3.Wanted Biographer2:31 mins
4.Talk4:48 mins
5.Land Of The Free2:08 mins
6.Modern Culture 7:13 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Vivian Chow, Louie Mendoza

This was recorded at The Figueroa Watch Towers by Louie, who was now already a part of the DRD unit. This is the first album to be recorded track by track and the instruments were recorded separately. A lot of the new songs were mostly live show killers that the line-up kept expanding in the ever-changing nature of their sound.


Live Cocaine Live (live) [download mp3]
04OM-007 : July 2006

1. Intro0:27 mins
2.This Is What You Are Wasting Yer Life For4:39 mins
3.The Hold-Up3:48 mins
4.Talk / Cult Of The Underground 8:48 mins
5.Wanted Biographer 2:31 mins
6.Land Of The Free2:12 mins
7.Waiting For Geniuse7:07 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Vivian Chow, Louie Mendoza.

Having established their live shows to be total celebrations of Bacchanalian jubilation, the band got friends from other bands to record their live shows (like this one which was recorded and mastered by Rob Danson of Death To Anders) and at least try to capture the passing moments as everyone who was there experienced them. Fuck Nostalgia! This is what it its, DRD live at the Cocaine on June 11 of 2006.




Live The Cocaine (live) [download mp3]
04OM-006 : June 2006

1. Waiting For Geniuse 8:51 mins
2.Wanted Biographer2:52 mins
3.Modern Culture6:32 mins
4.Living In The City4:38 mins
5.Cult Of The Underground5:16 mins
6.Land Of The Free2:17 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Vivian Chow, Louie Mendoza

This was recorded live by Christian Bienne and Denise Duncan of The Transmissions on June 4, 2006 at the Cocaine. A good representation of how crazy the line-up could get during live shows. Truly a collectors item!


Music For Bad Times [download mp3]
04OM-005 : March 2006

1. Kidlat Tahimik 5:25 mins
2.The Hold Up4:21 mins
3.The End Of Childhood3:06 mins
4.Afraid Of The Police7:22 mins
5.The World Ain't Not Enough5:12 mins
6.Trip So Low 1:48 mins
7.Thing Will Never Be The Same 2:03 mins
8.Bum Fuck USA 2:11 mins
9.Dub Factory Defect 9:03 mins
10.C.A.R.E.E.R.2:57 mins
11. In My Brain3:15 mins
12.Please God4:29 mins
13.Fighting At The Party2:53 mins
14.Girlfriend With A Knife5:46 mins
15.Trip So Low (acoustic)1:56 mins
16.Wrong Place, Wrong Time6:32 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Lia Montalvan, Frank Velez, Jong Neri, Ryan Mata,and Louie Mendoza.

These songs were recorded in many different sessions. And certainly not for the close minded.




04OM-004 : January 2006

1. Who Wrote History?4:18 mins
2.Be Here Now5:55 mins
3.Cult Of The Underground6:00 mins
4.Waiting For Geniuse8:25 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Drew De Ramos, Jong Neri, Frank Velez

This was recorded live by Louie Mendoza at Rockotitlan Noise Cafe in Los Angeles on December 3, 2005. Louie later on became part of the next DRD line-up as the man behind the Moog.




ORENROCK [download mp3]
04OM-003 : September 2005

1. Paisley 2:04 mins
2.Battle Of Mactan 4:35 mins
3.Boundaries Broken 3:24 mins
4.Hey You 6:32 mins
5.Its Gone 4:52 mins
6.Eyes 3:38 mins
7.Uhr 2:38 mins
8.Rock Music 4:37 mins
9.The Last Boundary 9:27 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Brian Jordan, Drew De Ramos, Tyler on tracks 1, 3 and 9

The last recordings the band did at Kalibrated Studios and their last one with Brian Jordan on bass guitar. An album opens with a different sound, one that recalls that warm stoned feeling and the smell of burnt sensemilla all over the air. High times for the children!

Recorded On Kalibrated Studios in Long Beach and The Cave.




Anything Is Possible (live) [download mp3]
04OM-002 : May 2005

1Anything Is Possible28:29 mins
Across The Perspective
Atlantis (part 1)
Battle Of Mactan
Atlantis (part 2)

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Brian Jordan, Drew De Ramos

This is a recording of the live performance at the Sorta Indie show at The Zen Sushi in Los Angeles on December 29, 2004. Also playing at this show were other acts such as Slowclub and art Damaged who later on played a lot of shows with DRD.




Pasagdi Silang Matigulang [download mp3]
04OM-001 : December 2004

1. Oren 1:13 mins
2. Across The Perspective 4:28 mins
3. Opening The Gates 0:40 mins
4. Information Overload 5:04 mins
5. Work 8:17 mins
6.The Way Things Are (Vietnam 1969) 13:26 mins

Line up for this record:
champoyhate, Oliver Dammasch, Brian Jordan, Tyler Smith

This LP is a 2 track recording during various dates between April and June 2004 at Kalibrated Muzyk in Long Beach, CA.



capital animal - oliver and leo from Guppies/art Damaged take listeners to an adventure in sound and recording.
c.h. desafinado - champ's recordings as dictated by the "oren" and by the ever-flowing powers that be -done with whatever is available at hand.
deadArt - oliver's sound exploration and aural manipulation based on planetary movements and repetition.
The Death Trip Minimalist Ensemble - a noise album made available only in Japan and the Philippines.
Every Man Believes He Can Tame A Nymth - the sonic explorations of Drew, Oliver and Vivian. Great melodic songs that are truly unforgettable classics.

Guppies - Oliver also plays guitar for the sonically enlightened sound these musical comrades fronted by Leo from art Damaged.
The Life And Death Trip - a concept album based on Bergman's Seventh Seal recorded by champ, ryan and another ex-DRD, jong neri.
Masters Of The Universe - a live recording of a one time performance with members of art Damaged and DRD deconstructing the Velevet Underground and Beat Poetry.
The Repetition Process - recordings of champ with denise from the transmissions and also with don bolles of the germs on some tracks.
United States of Imperfection - champ and ryan discovers the process of recording after 5 consecutive bonghits.