Oliver Fritz Kurt Dammasch once asked: "Is this about me not getting high?" Mark Ryan Mata and champoy started recording songs during the early months of 2007 out from total boredom and stoned curiosity. Inspired by psych pop, arty post-punk or whatever music they were listening to and all of their music-making friends they decided to exert a little more effort than usual and push the little red button that said "RECORD". The hissy and trebly unpolished tracks they recorded are products of sheer sonic serendipity and acts of stoned impulsion. All they wanted was to make an EP that reflected the changing of times and to produce and record it as cheaply as possible. United States Of Imperfection will play at your house parties with you upon request and have just recently expanded to playing shows for the right amount of money.

United States of Imperfection

1 Curse of the Iconoclast
2 Sometimes I Forget This is America
3 Stupid People Shouldn't Breed
4 You Dont Have the Love
5 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
6 One More Time With Feelings
7 I Don't Really Love You All I Really Want is Sex